2023 Flower Festival Queen:
Ava Nasr

2023 Flower Festival Queen & Court

From left to right:
Yoselin Lopez - Princess
Jordan Cousins - First Runner-Up & Miss Congeniality
Ava Nasr - Queen
Addison Luette - Second Runner-Up
Zyann Jackson - Princess 

The Crown...

that is used for the crowning of the New Queen is a huge part of the Flower Festival Queen’s history. It is taken out of the safe once a year to crown the new queen. It is made from silver donated by the community back in the 60’s.  Silver spoons, candle sticks holders and various silverware and silver jewelry were melted down to make the crown.  Poppies were placed in the four corners of the crown to represent the wild flowers and sweat peas around the band of the crown to represent the commercial flowers that are grown in the in the Lompoc Valley.  

thank you to Maria Vega photography for the beautiful photos!

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